Resolving Difficult Family Law Problems

A family law problem can impact every aspect of your life. Resolving the problem efficiently is crucial for you and your family. The Mathews Group, LC, in Leawood, Kansas, is a premier family law firm serving Kansas and Missouri with practical guidance and solid advocacy. Our goal is to protect the rights of our clients, while helping them resolve disputes to maintain their well-being.

We are skilled negotiators and experienced trial attorneys who provide advice, representation and services to resolve family law matters involving:

  • Contested or uncontested divorce: Whether you believe you can resolve the issues in your divorce amicably, or you expect a fight, our lawyers strive to obtain positive results with the least amount of emotional and financial turmoil.
  • Unique issues in a military divorce: Our skilled lawyers understand the unique issues that military families face when a marriage breaks down. Military benefits and specific rules that protect service members are vital concerns in a military divorce. Child custody and parenting time plans in military families require an understanding of the unique dynamics that military life includes.
  • Protecting business interests: Business valuation in divorce and determining the scope of an individual's interest in a business or professional association requires complex financial analysis. Our Kansas City area lawyers have backgrounds in business law, real estate and taxation to protect your interests.
  • Property division: Kansas and Missouri each recognize the equitable division of property in divorce.
  • Child custody and visitation: Creating a workable child custody and parenting plan is essential to the well-being of your child. We understand that each divorce involves its own family dynamics.
  • Child support: Your child deserves a stable household. We guide clients to practical solutions to protect the best interests of their children in resolving child support matters.
  • Spousal maintenance: In spousal support disputes, we provide sound guidance and solid advocacy to protect the rights, and finances, of our clients.
  • Establishing paternity: Biological fathers seeking parental rights and mothers who want to protect their children's right to financial support rely on our lawyers for results in paternity matters.
  • Grandparents' rights: Many grandparents who have a strong relationship with their grandchildren are cut out of the lives of the children after a change in family dynamics. We can explain your grandparents' rights under Kansas or Missouri law.
  • Adoption: We clients help build strong family relationships through the adoption process.
  • Termination of parental rights: Parental rights can be relinquished if it is in the best interests of the child. For instance, a stepparent may wish to adopt a child and seek to terminate a biological parent's rights to allow the adoption.
  • Domestic violence: Our lawyers represent men and women in hearings for protective orders based upon domestic violence matters.
  • Annulment of a marriage: Annulment may be appropriate if the marriage was founded on fraud or other specified matters. An annulment legally erases the marriage as if it never took place.

To discuss your unique situation with an experienced family law attorney, call the Mathews Group, LC, at 913-660-0664 or contact us online. You never pay a fee for the initial consultation, and we offer flexible payment options.