Kansas City Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

One of the most painful experiences grandparents can go through is being cut off from seeing their grandchildren. These situations can happen following a divorce, the death or incarceration of a child, or other circumstances.

At The Mathews Group, LC, our lawyers advise grandparents on their rights when it comes to issues such as seeing their grandchildren. Schedule a consultation online with a Mathews Group attorney to discuss your case. From our law office in Leawood, KS, we represent clients throughout the Kansas City metro area in Kansas and Missouri.

Grandparent Rights in Kansas and Missouri

Courts in Kansas and Missouri give considerable deference to the wishes of parents with respect to grandparent visitation. If both mom and dad are in the picture and both say that the grandparents should not see their grandchildren, then you are not likely to see them unless they are in foster care. However, there are circumstances when grandparents can go to court and obtain visitation rights.

For example, if your child is no longer in the picture and your child's spouse has prevented you from seeing the grandchildren, courts will presume that it is important for kids to know their family and may order visitation. Our lawyers can guide you through the legal steps required to obtain a visitation schedule. We also help grandparents adopt when both parents are out of the picture.

Kansas and Missouri Grandparents' Visitation Rights Lawyer

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