Protecting Business Interests In Divorce

If you are a business owner or have an interest in a professional association, we understand that going through divorce can involve business stress in addition to your personal anxiety. In high-income households, the prospect of property division during a divorce can be daunting. Many family law attorneys do not know the nuances of business ownership. It is important for you to choose a lawyer with experience in handling complex business matters and the financial acuity to protect your interests.

Without being presented with a proper framework, a judge may be inclined to simply accept a business valuation, and if there are multiple owners, divide that value by the number of owners to arrive at your share of the business. Determining an individual stakeholder's actual interest is not that simple.

Thorough Analysis When A Business Interest And Divorce Collide

At the Mathews Group, LC, we are committed to protecting our clients' financial concerns with thorough preparation and vigorous advocacy. Complex business structures frequently require a detailed analysis of accounting methods and principles to arrive at realistic numbers. Disputes can arise concerning the overall fair market value of a closely-held business. We painstakingly work to obtain the proper evidence, and business valuation method, to show the fair value of the business and protect our clients.

Kansas and Missouri courts seek to divide marital property equitably. Determining the interest of an individual shareholder, partner, member or other stakeholder in a venture is vital in protecting finances when determining the equitable distribution of property. We are diligent in analyzing operating agreements and other governing documents to determine the extent of the business interest involved in a case. We provide a thorough evaluation of the issues that impact an individual owner's true interest in an enterprise, including:

  • Minority interest discounts
  • Control discounts
  • Clauses restricting the transfer of business interests
  • Marketability discounts

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