Criminal Defense

As part of our service to the citizens and families of the Kansas City Metro, our The Mathews Group employs criminal defense attorneys to handle cases like DWI, Drug Possession, Assault and more.

If you've been charged with a crime, now is the time to get counsel. Whether you need a DWI lawyer, a drug lawyer, or a violent crime lawyer, The Mathews Group, LC can help. We've worked with the Johnson County Prosecutor's Office, the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office, and dozens of other county and municipal prosecutors across the region.

What sets The Mathews Group, LC apart is our range. Unlike a solo attorney who needs to limit him or herself to a small geographic area, and may not have the time to really go out and get the necessary discovery for your case, our larger office has the resources to go the distance. We are constantly amazed by the number of criminal defendants who we see in court whose attorneys have failed to acquire dashboard cam footage from the incident, or to collect and review all of the available reports, medical records and other evidence which could keep their clients out of jail.

Anybody with a law degree can walk into court with you and ask the prosecutor for a "deal." But lawyers aren't cheap, and you deserve to have somebody who is going to go in having already found the holes in the prosecutor's case; somebody who isn't afraid to actually go to trial.

If you're innocent, you don't have to take a deal. You have the right to a trial. Call the criminal defense attorneys at The Mathews Group, LC at 913-660-0664 for more information.

In the meantime, remember that no matter what they tell you, law enforcement does not talk to you in an effort to clear you as a suspect. When you talk to the police, they are using every skill and trick that's been developed over the last 50 years to convince a potential suspect to say something against interest. It's their job, and they're good at it. Furthermore, they are going home at the end of their shift, you might be stuck in jail. No matter how cool, calm and collect you might think you are, talking to the police almost invariably hurts your position. You have the right to remain silent for a reason. Please use it.