Protecting Your Best Interests In Divorce

When a marriage breaks down, many men and women turn to friends and family members for guidance. The practical concerns and emotional demands during a divorce can seem overwhelming. While your close relationships may provide you with a shoulder to lean on, the decisions you need to make require the legal counsel of a knowledgeable divorce lawyer to protect your interests.

Goal-Oriented Advocacy To Help You To A Brighter Future

At the Mathews Group, LC, in Leawood, Kansas, we offer goal-oriented advocacy to resolve complex family law problems with efficiency. Our approach to the law is aimed at vigorously protecting the rights of our clients, while remaining focused on what really matters to our clients. Far too often, a bulldog lawyer or opposing party will dig in his or her heels in court, adding to the bitterness of the divorce process, increasing strife at the expense of clients.

Skilled Negotiators With Trial-Proven Skills For Contested Divorces

The last thing you need is additional stress as you prepare for your new post-divorce life. When you work with our compassionate attorneys, we make sure that you understand your rights and the legal options available that are best suited to your goals. As effective negotiators, we work tirelessly to obtain results efficiently. However, we will vigorously safeguard your rights in trial when necessary.

Solid Guidance To Ensure Your Uncontested Divorce Is Handled Properly

We frequently represent clients in uncontested divorces. When a divorcing couple agrees on the issues, including property division, child custody, child support and spousal maintenance, ensuring that the divorce settlement accurately reflects the intent of the parties remains a concern. We work with clients to ensure their rights are protected and that the final decree will not create unintended consequences. The spouse of our client has the opportunity to review the paperwork and, if disputes arise, the spouse may retain their own attorney. Hiring a lawyer for an uncontested divorce can give you peace of mind that your settlement complies with the rules of court and the law.

Get A Free Consultation With A Trusted Divorce Lawyer

To learn more about how our skilled lawyers can help you through a difficult time to a brighter future, we invite you to arrange a free initial consultation. Call the Mathews Group, LC, at 913-660-0664 or send us an email. We represent clients in eastern Kansas and western Missouri, including in Kansas City. We offer clients the choice of flat fee representation or hourly rates.