Understanding Missouri And Kansas Alimony

Many people in Kansas and Missouri have heard of the concept of maintenance (commonly referred to as spousal support or alimony). The rules have changed over the years on how, or if, a court will order spousal maintenance. Local guidelines come into play in many counties. It is important that your family law attorney has a full command of how the guidelines will be applied in the state and county in which you reside if there is a dispute over alimony in your divorce.

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The skilled lawyers at the Mathews Group, LC, are well-versed in the laws of Kansas and Missouri when it comes to spousal maintenance. Our financial acumen is a strong asset for clients who need to resolve difficult financial disputes during the dissolution of marriage. We frequently appear in counties throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond.

Alimony is not automatic in either Missouri or Kansas. Courts will weigh a variety of factors to determine the propriety, duration and amount in ordering alimony. The purpose of maintenance is to provide for the reasonable needs of a spouse following divorce whom the family court has determined cannot meet those needs on their own.

Among the factors a court may consider are:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The work history and income of each spouse
  • The education and earning capacities of the spouses
  • The roles each spouse served during the marriage
  • The need of the recipient for financial support
  • The ability to pay alimony or maintenance

Personalized Service In Resolving Alimony Issues In Kansas And Missouri

No two households are the same. How the laws and guidelines may apply to your unique circumstances requires a painstaking analysis of all of the factors. We will review your situation and explain your options to protect your rights. Courts have broad discretion in ordering alimony.

Whether you are seeking maintenance, or expect to pay spousal support, it is vital that your attorney has the financial acuity to safeguard your rights. If spousal support is appropriate, the guideline calculations can vary. For instance, in Johnson County, the guidelines generally presume that 20 percent of the difference in the earnings of each spouse is a fair alimony calculation. That means if one spouse earns $90,000 and the other earns $40,000, a spousal maintenance order of $10,000 is fair.

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