Get Your Fair Share In Property Division

How to divide the assets and debts of a marriage can be a complex subject for debate. Dividing marital assets in the dissolution of a marriage fairly often requires more than merely identifying the property and splitting the items evenly.

Both Kansas and Missouri divide property equitably in divorce. Equitable distribution does not always require a 50-50 split. At the Mathews Group, LC, in Leawood, our background in tax law, business and real estate, as well as our financial acuity in family law matters, are vital resources in protecting the interests of our clients.

Thorough Analysis Is Essential To Protecting Your Rights — Call 913-660-0664

Determining what is fair and equitable requires detailed analysis of values, marketability concerns and the potential tax implications that surround an asset. For instance, a $100 balance in an individual retirement account does not have the same current-day value as $100 in a checking account. We will analyze every aspect of your entire financial structure to protect your rights.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you retain your fair share, whether you have a complex, high-asset household or are of more modest means. Our experience includes safeguarding the interests of clients in property division disputes involving:

  • Primary residences and vacation homes
  • Real estate investments
  • Professional association or business valuation issues
  • Retirement accounts, including IRAs, 401(k)s and pensions
  • Options and deferred compensation
  • Tracing hidden assets
  • Asset valuation
  • Dissipation of marital assets by a spouse
  • Separate property such as an inheritance or gift

We strive to resolve financial matters in divorce efficiently and fairly. However, when the opposing party does not want to reach a fair and equitable settlement, our trial lawyers are prepared to present a well-reasoned and compelling case at trial.

We approach resolving difficult property division disputes differently. We have been called the lawyers for people who hate lawyers. Our philosophy is founded on the idea that our clients' interests must always remain paramount. For instance, we may advise a client that it is worth the effort to spend $10,000 to fight over $5,000 in equity in a car. That is why we offer clients the option of paying a flat fee or retaining us on a more traditional hourly rate basis.

Family Law Attorneys Serving Clients In Kansas And Missouri

If you are considering divorce, or believe that your spouse may file soon, it is important for you to speak with a qualified divorce attorney before taking any action regarding your home or other property to protect your rights. To arrange a free initial consultation to protect your property rights, send us an email or call 913-660-0664. We are mobile attorneys who appear in counties throughout eastern Kansas and western Missouri beyond the Kansas City area.